Sunday, July 10, 2005

Presenting Chumpfish Main Site

Presenting Chumpfish Main Site

I now have a Chumpfish Main Site. Hopefully, this new site will compliment my blogs and make my writing and other works more accessible. In addition, several of my co-conspirators will be along for the ride, including Travis B. and Captain Lightning.

***Self-Indulgent Bullshit Alert***

This site will also feature discussions (and links) concerning propaganda, and miscellaneous stuff I would not claim as my own were it not my most brutal art (usually written after another idiot tried to kill me on the highway--it beats road rage). If you can't offend everyone (including yourself), without resorting to lazy mediocre cheap shots, then why bother? The shadow has to fall somewhere. It might as well be shade.

***End Self-Indulgent Bullshit Alert***

I will continue to make posts here and my other blogs.


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